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Although our main mission has been the conservation of audiovisual heritage, we believe that the training of adult, young and child audiences is vital not only to generate awareness of the importance of this heritage but also to promote new audiovisual producers who generate works and contribute to this ecosystem of creation.

home cinema

Domestic Cinema was a cultural citizen training project and a  alternative that meets the need to develop a social appropriation project of the audiovisual cultural heritage of Bucaramanga and Santander for the inclusion of the various communities that transform the territory.

Developed in the city of Bucaramanga in August 2018 in its first stage.

see to create

This Audiovisual Laboratory for boys and girls was born with the intention of developing in the participants the most vital foundations of audiovisual thought, through games and interactive strategies that enhanced the  criteria and understanding of the products they see every day in today's world.

imagining our image III

In this Cinematographic Deepening Workshop in the Region of the Ministry of Culture, won through its call for incentives, the participants of the previous INI had the opportunity to carry out a high-production project with agreements and strategic alliances and actors from   first line that not only accounted for the good level developed in the workshops but has also been rewarded with several awards at national festivals.


30 INI certified students


Short film "Road to Solitude"


Faculty of Film and Television UNAL


Most Voted -  IndieBo 2017

Best Short Film - FICS 2017

Best Direction - Yarima FIC 2018

imagining our image II

This introductory cinematographic workshop, which has now disappeared from the offer of the Ministry of Culture, offered participants the basic tools for audiovisual production in the region through professionals in the field of script, sound, direction, production and photography, among others.

As a result of this workshop, two audiovisual productions came out: "Pacification" and "Woman in Trance" , which were exhibited at national and international film festivals.

imagining our image I

In this first approach of the foundation to the audiovisual training workshops of the Ministry of Culture, the script "Se guardan Cosas" was presented, which was developed by the participants with the aim not only of contributing to the construction of memory of the city but of initiate them in the audiovisual task from the regions.