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The way

to solitude

Old Alonso works at the "La Soledad" terminal, a town abandoned many years ago where no bus arrives anymore. His only companion is his desperate wife Beatriz, who only awaits his death and his friend Naranjo, who for more than 50 years has been the owner of the only hotel, "La Soledad", where no guest arrives.

The three are the last settlers of a village in ruins that at some point lived  great times. Together they wait for one day life to return to the town or death to take them out of there.





Production Name: The Road to Solitude

Film location: Jordán Sube, Santander, Colombia

Duration: 18 minutes for festivals with a component for commercial projection in seconds

Shooting date: From August 31 to September 8, 2016

Premiere: December 2, 2016

Shooting format: High cinema


Script, direction and editing: John Agudelo Suárez

Production company: Cineteca Pública Foundation

Production  General: Irene del Castillo

Executive production: Lizbeth Torres Acosta

Attendance  Direction: Adriana Fernandez Acevedo

Production assistance: Miguel Pérez Jones

Script: Laura Mercedes Avella Toscano

Director of photography: Gio Park

Camera assistance: Michael Hernandez 

Gaffer: Cristian Camino Luna

Direction  of art: Mariana Schrader

Art assistance: Lina Rueda,  Melissa Gomez 

Sound direction: Camilo Marconi

Still photo: José Humberto

Making-off:  William Jones

Clapper: Monica Leon Fontecha

Setting: Jose Torres

Costume designer: Rosalba Acosta

Music: Jose "Chepe" Ariza

Graphic design: Andres Parada

With the collaboration of Luis Agudelo, Martha Suárez, Rosalva Acosta, Carmenza and Isabel.


Jennifer Stephens

Sebastian Ospina

Gustavo Angarita


-IndieBo:  3rd Independent Film Festival of Bogotá.
- Intravenous Film Festival (Cali).
- 9th Santander International Film Festival - FICS Winner for Best Regional Short Film.
- UnalFest - Sample of Degree Projects from the Film and TV School and the Animation Specialization of the National University (Bogotá).
- Festiver: 7th Barichara Green Film Festival.

-Kannibalfest:  Shortfilm Festival (Berlin).


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